Inevitably it seems, the retirement age will be pushed back. Also as more and more people do retire, Government Pensions are likely to become harder to access and also provide relatively less than they do now. And knowing this, you are doing what exactly to prepare?

Maybe your future you will look back and say ‘well past me was busy and did’t have time to plan ahead’. Or maybe, ‘Poor old past me couldn’t find a few bucks a week to make sure I was better looked after’.

Or maybe future you will look around and wonder why past you didn’t spend a few hours twice a year getting a grip on what you were up to financially. Or maybe future you will regret not finding a few dollars to look after them better. Or maybe they will wonder why when past you had the opportunity to financially support companies whose activities they approved of, you ‘didn’t know any better’ and ‘didn’t really bother with super’. Maybe future you will really want to kick yourself for not taking advantage of the opportunities that were spread out in front of you.

Or perhaps future you will thank you for taking the time to take action to ensure future you had the lifestyle you wanted with investments that align with your values.

What will future you think of current you?

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