Who really benefits from Financial Advice?

The right financial advice can help shape your future.

Are you looking for a better way to get on top of your debts? Saving for the kids’ education? Hoping to create a suitable retirement strategy? The experts at Accrue Financial Group can help you assess the options available and find the solutions that will meet your needs – no matter what stage of life you’re at.

A common misconception about financial advice is that you have to have ‘a lot of money’ to benefit. You don’t need to wait until you’re ready to retire to benefit from advice or to have a load of income. In fact, the earlier you start planning for a more secure financial future, the more time you will have for the advice to make a difference and the less ‘catch up’ you will have to do to meet your goals.

The right financial advice is important at every stage of your life. Whether you’re seeking to build wealth, protect what you’ve got or secure a retirement income, at Accrue Financial Group we can help you with appropriate strategies to suit your circumstances and aspirations. Our planning process is designed to help you implement strategies to improve your financial situation now and plan for the future.

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What will your future you think of current you?

Inevitably it seems, the retirement age will be pushed back. Also as more and more people do retire, Government Pensions are likely to become harder to access and also provide relatively less than they do now. And knowing this, you are doing what exactly to prepare?

Maybe your future you will look back and say ‘well past me was busy and did’t have time to plan ahead’. Or maybe, ‘Poor old past me couldn’t find a few bucks a week to make sure I was better looked after’.

Or maybe future you will look around and wonder why past you didn’t spend a few hours twice a year getting a grip on what you were up to financially. Or maybe future you will regret not finding a few dollars to look after them better. Or maybe they will wonder why when past you had the opportunity to financially support companies whose activities they approved of, you ‘didn’t know any better’ and ‘didn’t really bother with super’. Maybe future you will really want to kick yourself for not taking advantage of the opportunities that were spread out in front of you.

Or perhaps future you will thank you for taking the time to take action to ensure future you had the lifestyle you wanted with investments that align with your values.

What will future you think of current you?

What keeps you awake at night?

A recent research report looked at what made Australians ‘confident’ and also what keeps us up at night. The number one issue that made people feel confident was ‘job security’ (which rated even higher than ‘being in love’ for providing confidence!) Of the top 5 things however that keep people awake, 4 of them were things that could be helped by seeking professional financial advice. After ‘losing my job’ the next 4 were ‘not being financially stable’, ‘getting a life threatening disease’, ‘stress from work overload’ and ‘not being able to pay your bills’. Do these things keep you awake at night? Do you agree with the findings of the report?

To manage your cashflow you need the right coach

If you want to lose weight or increase your fitness, you usually find a personal trainer to reach your goals. It’s the same with managing your cash flow. Here at Accrue Financial Group we can create a cash flow management program to help you stay on track to reach your financial goals.

Just like achieving a physical goal, managing and tracking your income and personal expenses is the key to creating lasting wealth. Our coaching and advice will help you understand and manage your current cash flow, so you can plan together and save for the future. We offer you coaching and advice in achieving your financial goals by relying on accurate information about your lifestyle and personal cash flow. ​ Whether you’re saving for a house deposit, a wedding or a new addition to the family, Accrue Financial Group can help keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Coaching and Advice

Our process covers the following steps: ​

  • Helping you to reach your cash flow goals and timeframes in achieving them
  • Things to consider is your financial situation, as well as your investments and insurance. · Understanding your cash flow to identify the savings, and avoid the dreaded cash flow shortfalls. ·
  • Tracking your personal cash flow with our Moneysoft program, an interactive online accounting program to see what you spend your money on to keep you on track towards your goals. ·
  • Producing a monthly report for your review to measure how much you save every month and to balance your current and future lifestyle with reference to your planned budget. ·
  • A Quarterly Meeting over the phone or Skype to ensure you are tracking to cash flow budget and to provide you with our helpful coaching tips to identify any other opportunities to save. ·
  • An Annual Review to assess your past 12 months and to reassess your current goals and potentially create future goals.

We encourage you to find out more about our training program and service in helping you plan a personal budget tailored to your specific goals and lifestyle by calling us on (07) 3359 3359 or sending us an email to admin@accruefinancial.com.au