Cash flow management is about harnessing your cash flow to help you meet your financial and persona goals. Besides, do you have any idea how much you spent on coffee last year?

If you are currently living beyond your means, and have no additional money to oput to work for you, you’ll never be able to build wealth. While that may seem obvious, lower wage growth and increases in costs of living have stretched the budgets of even high ioncome earners. There is a lot of truth in the saying that the more you earn the more you spend.

At Accrue Financial we don’t want to restrict peoples spending, rather, we want to ensure that you understand what you are spending your money on, and consider separating your lifestyle expenditure from your debt spending and investment spending. The process can be illuminating and learning how much you currently spend on certain items can be eye opening.

Once we have an idea of what you are spending, we can consider the benefits to your debt or your investment’s of finding an extra amount regularly. Saving thousands on debt, or putting your self into a position to retire earlier may be worth skipping a few lunches out and taking something from home.

Again, effective cash management isn’t about restricting your expenses, but it is about giving you information to make an informed decision about how you use your money.

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